TISAX Service

Following the successful launch in Germany one year ago, TISAX is now being rolled out internationally. The test and exchange program ensures information security in the automotive industry. In the last month, TISAX Assessments were successfully carried out in Mexico and the Netherlands.


 TISAX is now available in the following countries:

  • Bulgaria
  • Germany (German)
  • Canada / North America
  • Mexico / South America
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Czech Republik.

TISAX assessments will also be carried out in India this year. Expansion in China is planned for spring 2020. Thus the implementation of the OBS internationalisation approach will continue apace.




TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) operates under the auspices of the VDA and is managed by the ENX Association, which monitors the quality of the execution and of the assessment results. TÜV NORD CERT has eleven ISO 27001 auditors for the TISAX testing process, eight from the international and three from the national sector. Further information on TISAX can be found here


TÜV-TIP: Find out more about this certification in the next webinar TISAX. 


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